Chicago Media Headlines
September 2002 05.26.2015

Monday, 09.30.02

Over and out - WXLC-FM 102.3 "XLC" night personality Pete Weldon was fired early Wednesday last week. Weekender Gwyn Gantter (most recently of KOSI-FM 101.1 "KOSI 101" in Denver, CO) is filling the slot on an interim basis - no word yet on a replacement.

More radio on TV - WUSN-FM 99.5 "US 99.5" Sunday morning host/Public Affairs Director LeeAnn Trotter is out in L.A. today. She, along with WKSC-FM 103.5 "103.5 Kiss FM" morning host Sean Valentine and a group of others from around the nation, are taping a new episode of THE WEAKEST LINK for NBC. The episode will be airing soon - stay tuned...

Fueling the FEUD...WCIU-TV Ch. 26 airs the new version of THE FAMILY FEUD each day at 9a and 7p - it's hosted by former "Home Improvement" star Richard Karn. Producers are in town today and tomorrow auditioning Chicago families to appear on the show - for location and sign-up information, call 818.260.5800.

Dance at home in your underwear - effective last Friday, is airing the nationally-syndicated radio show via their Internet stream every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7p CT. The four-hour show originates in Chicago and features mixes provided by Chicago's "Power Pack" mix team: Blue Mike, Andre Solaris, Josh R., Double Impact, DJ Con, Paul Gressive, and DJ Maly.

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Friday, 09.27.02

From California to Chicago - it's here. Studio Visit #6 was unveiled to our newsletter subscribers on Monday night - it's now posted for EVERYONE to view at our Studio Visits section. We had a great time visiting the K-Love studios with afternoon personality Larry Wayne. You can hear him weekdays 4-8p on WJKL-FM 94.3 and now SEE him right here! Enjoy...

It's an honor? - WCKG-FM 105.9 "Talk That Rocks" afternoon host Steve Dahl recently released his Top 10 TV Newsbabes (Local Division) list. From top to bottom (with Steve's commentary, based on the ladies' headshots):
1. Cheryl Burton - WLS-TV ABC-7 (Jesse Jackson, eat your heart out.)
2. Stacia Dubin - WBBM-TV CBS-2 (Sexy newcomer from the cheese state.)
3. Kathy Brock - WLS-TV ABC-7 (She chewed Floyd Kalber up and spit him out.)
4. Amy Jacobson - WMAQ-TV NBC-5 ("The Jake" is cold as ice.)
5. Jackie Bange - WGN-TV Ch. 9 (Not to be overlooked.)
6. Marcella Raymond - WGN-TV Ch. 9 (She's a stacked former cheerleader.)
7. Cynthia Santana - WBBM-TV CBS-2 (I like it when she over-enunciates her Spanish.)
8. Kyung Lah - WBBM-TV CBS-2 (Yeah, I might be a rice chaser.)
9. Anita Padilla - WMAQ-TV NBC-5 (Much hotter on TV than in her head shot.)
10. Nancy Pender - WFLD-TV Fox-32 (Need a color photo to move up the list.)

Crawling in exhaustion - WXRT-FM 93.1 "XRT" hosts their 2nd Annual Fall Crawl tomorrow. Beginning at 3p at Schubas (Belmont/Southport), participants will roam through the bars of Lakeview to win concert tickets and more. To cap it off, where better to finish a long crawl than at your bowling alley (Southport Lanes)? Good luck...

Finding old friends...have you seen our WHERE ARE THEY NOW? database? It's the most comprehensive listing of Chicago media personalities anywhere - new people are added each week. Take a look NOW!

Next week - you want it, you got it...

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Thursday, 09.26.02


When/where were you born?
August 14th in Tustin, California.

Are you single/married?

Do you have any pets?
Three cats and a Chihuahua who thinks it's a cat.

Do you have any favorite hobbies?
Um...Espresso...I don't really know if you would consider that a hobby but I really enjoy sipping a nice hot latte at Starbucks with a few great friends.

What was your first radio gig?
An internship at WCCQ in Joliet. Got a young start! I was only 14 and doing all of their dirty work!

What CD's do you have in your car/home CD player right now?
Kutless. It has the sound and feel of bands like Creed, Lifehouse, & Incubus.

What's something that most people might not know about you?
That I am way younger than they think I am. I enjoy keeping my age a secret from my listeners! So I guess I can't reveal that secret here.

Who's the one famous person you'd like to meet?
Frank Sinatra...his music rocks!

When/where can people hear/see you?
3:00PM - 7:00PM on 104.7fm WCFL and throughout the day with my random pieces of production.

If you weren't in radio, what would you be doing?
Well, I would be a full-time college student working towards a radio degree. For now, I am just going part time.

Would you rather eat candle wax OR drink motor oil?
I would have to say eat candlewax. Some of those Yankee candles smell pretty sweet!

Anything else?
Um...I am almost positive I am the youngest person on the air in Chicago during the afternoon drive time!

Wednesday, 09.25.02

Science is MAGIC - it's time to check out those gross things that your body do. WJMK-FM 104.3 "Magic 104-3" morning host John Records Landecker takes his show on the road this Friday, broadcasting LIVE from the Peggy Notebaert Museum in Lincoln Park. He'll be profiling the museum's new exhibit, "Grossology: The Impolite Science of the Human Body", along with some other surprises. Tune in 5:30-10a...

First Marcia, then Greg, now... - former Brady Bunch actress Susan 'Cindy' Olsen joins WGN-TV Ch. 9's THE BIG SHOW in-studio this morning after 7a.

A new talker in town - veteran news/talk consultant Michael Packer, currently based in Detroit, has been named OM of WLS-AM 890 "NewsTalk 89". He replaces Mike Elder, who exited Aug. 15th to program WRKO-AM 680 "News Talk 680 AM" in Boston. Expect Packer on-site very soon.

Dreams do come true - yep, those were WCKG-FM 105.9 "Talk That Rocks" midday co-hosts Kevin Matthews & Dorothy Humphrey on the Jenny Jones "Help Me Land My Dream Job" episode yesterday on WGN-TV. With the aid of WCKG-FM employee CHELA (also works for Jenny Jones), Matthews helped guest "Sensational Jen" fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a DJ (in case you missed it, the show repeats October 8th at 10a). After Jones' guests viewed the segment, the first audience member's response to the radio wannabe? "Before you do anything, you should really go back to school!"

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Tuesday, 09.24.02

The odds are IMPOSSIBLE - most people have heard of the "Almost Impossible Trivia Question" bit (also known as "Almost Impossible Question", the "Impossible Question", "Nearly Impossible Trivia", "Morning Brain Buster", etc. - you get the point). While WLIT-FM 93.9 "The Lite" and WNND-FM 100.3 "Windy 100.3" compete against each other in format, their morning shows also BOTH feature this trivia teaser each day. Yesterday's question for BOTH shows? Click HERE to see for yourselves!

Travel times - north suburban WXLC-FM 102.3 "XLC" has launched an interesting, multimedia contest utilizing morning hosts Paul Gant and Shary Elman (weekdays 5:30-10a). 'Hide and Seek with Paul and Shary' kicked off yesterday - a picture of the duo appeared in the Daily Herald, the News Sun and at Each weekday, a new photo reveals the two in a new "mystery" location in Lake County. Correcting guessing the location gives contestants the chance to win trips, event tickets, be on the radio, and more! Take a look...

The Score's not settled yet - WSCR-AM 670 "The Score" overnight host Tommy Williams (previously 12m-5a) is out at the sports talker. Effective yesterday, the new, shortened slot (also affected by Friday's rearranging) is filled by "The Jim Daniels Show", a syndicated program based in Los Angeles. Williams was informed just after his show yesterday morning - to add insult to injury, Williams' bio and program are still prominently displayed at the station's Score Guys site, as of publication time this morning.

Unveiling time - newsletter subscribers got the FIRST LOOK at the 6th Studio Visit last night (have YOU signed up yet?). It will be posted at the Studio Visits pages on Friday morning!

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Monday, 09.23.02

Speedy recovery underway - WGN-AM 720 overnight host Steve King checked in with late last week to give an update on his health. He and wife Johnnie are off the air while he recovers from Autoimmune Hepatitis, a non-contagious form of the disease which is also the most easily cured. He's under the care of great doctors (with some help from good friend Paul Harvey as well) and hopes to be back on the air very soon. Expect Steve & Johnnie to check in on Nick & Garry Lee (filling in their 11p-5a weekday slot) frequently!

Honors all around - the 11th Annual Salute To Excellence Awards Dinner takes place Thursday, October 31st in NYC. This year, the top honoree is WGCI-AM 1390, WGCI-FM 107.5 and WVAZ-FM 102.7 "V103" OM/PD Elroy Smith. Congratulations!

A look back in time - yesterday marked the 2-year anniversary of former WCKG-FM midday personality Jonathon Brandmeier's exit from Los Angeles radio (foreshadowing his fate here as well). He was pulled from homebase KLSX-FM 97.1 "97.1 FM Talk" on September 22, 2000 - curious how he learned of his L.A. demise? WGN-TV Ch. 9 morning entertainment reporter Sam Rubin (who broadcasts from Tribune's KTLA-TV Ch. 5 in Los Angeles) gave the EXCLUSIVE SCOOP to KTLA-TV's viewers (and ultimately Brandmeier) hours before KLSX-FM execs. got to Johnny! Reminds you of the old WUBT-FM format flip, doesn't it?

Later this week - finding old friends...

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Friday, 09.20.02

A radio COUP - WTMX-FM 101.9 "The Mix" morning hosts Eric Ferguson and Kathy Hart landed one of their biggest interviews to date Thursday morning. Marking a VERY RARE appearance in Chicago radio, media mogul Oprah Winfrey phoned the duo just after 8a to chat about U2 lead singer BONO's appearance on her show this morning (9a on WLS-TV ABC-7). Clearly giddy to receive the call, Ferguson and Hart learned how Oprah's running buddy is always praising the top-rated morning show and informing her when they converse about things happening with the Oprah show and Winfrey herself. During the 10-minute interview, Winfrey also gushed about her dinner date with BONO after the show taping earlier this week (she seldom has meals with her guest, so as to not miss any spontaneity on her show). "I'm having an 'out-of-body' experience walking down the street HAND IN HAND with BONO!". For the record, Bono's signature wrap-around shades stayed ON during the meal!

More CBS shakeups - just 3 days after the announcement that morning anchor Jane Clayson is leaving the Early Show, CBS released a statement yesterday that weatherman Mark McEwen will also exit the program soon. McEwen is a 16-year veteran of the show (Chicago connection: did you know that McEwen used to jock nights at WLUP-FM?)...

Quick tweak...WKSC-FM 103.5 is now positioning itself as "The New 103.5 Kiss FM". Now you know!

Something new in the MIX - Chicago native WTMX-FM 101.9 "The Mix" swing/weekender Ronie Alexander got the official full-time nod earlier this week. She signed on Wednesday night as the new 7p-12m jock, replacing Tanya Maher who exited the station in August. Alexander came back to Chicago and WTMX-FM in late 2001 from her APD/MD gig at WKRR-FM 92.3 "Rock 92" and WKZL-FM 107.5 "KZL" in Greensboro, NC. Ronie's fun fact - she also worked at southwest suburban WJTW-FM in the early 1990's during college...

Next week - Unveiling time...

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Thursday, 09.19.02


When/where were you born?
Burlington, WI.

Are you single/married?

Do you have any pets?

Do you have any favorite hobbies?
Hockey and golf.

What was your first radio gig?
WJZQ - now WIIL.

What CD's do you have in your car/home CD player right now?
Norah Jones, Tonic, and the Stones.

What's something that most people might not know about you?
I'm a Colorado Avalanche fan.

Who's the one famous person you'd like to meet?
John Mellencamp.

When/where can people hear/see you?
2-4pm (95.1 FM WIIL).

If you weren't in radio, what would you be doing?
Taco Bell Drive Thru.

Would you rather accidentally go to work naked OR be confined to always wearing polyester?
Work Naked.

Wednesday, 09.18.02

Lights, camera, back for more fun - it's back for season #6. "The Big Fat Nude Hippo Show" kicks off tomorrow night at 7p on Chicago Cable Ch. 25. Expect to see "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler, WLUP-FM 97.9 "The Loop" morning host Pete McMurray talking to Chicago's brightest, insight into "The Vagina Monologues" with Miriam Plotkin, and more. More Chicago TV and Radio stars to come as the season progresses - we'll keep you posted!

A working vacation...another first in store at 5p today. WCKG-FM 105.9 "Talk That Rocks" afternoon personality Steve Dahl, on vacation with his show in "Best-Of" mode this week, comes back to the studio early to do the last two hours of his show tonight with Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg. Giving up a day of vacation, Dahl felt the need to do his weekly "Bob Greene Watch" report with Neil LIVE to fully address the recent resignation of Tribune columnist Bob Greene last Saturday evening. Expect some good, clean fun from 5-7p...

Keeping SCORE of the new lineup...early Friday morning, WSCR-AM 670 "The Score" embarks on their first major lineup change in several years. Morning hosts Mike Murphy and Fred Huebner add two hours to their show (5:30-10a), effectively moving almost every other slot 2 hours later than previously broadcast. Current mid-morning hosts Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein will now host a NEW midday slot (10a-2p). Longtime mid-afternoon host Mike North adds a half-hour and a partner in current late-afternoon host (and Bears' alumnus) Doug Buffone, while now entering prime afternoon drive (2-6:30p) for the first time in his 10+ years at the station. Dan Jiggetts, now in late-afternoon drive, will host early evenings solo from 6:30-9p and current night host Jonathan Hood moves his show one hour later to 9p-1a. Did you get all that?

Just a few blocks north - the free TRAIN concert, sponsored by WTMX-FM 101.9 "The Mix", reported on here yesterday will take place outdoors at Stockton & North Ave. in Lincoln Park at 12n [previously expected to be downtown in the Loop] - ENJOY!

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Tuesday, 09.17.02

It's always nice to win...congrats are in order to Chicago's NAB Marconi Award winners, announced at the NAB Radio Show in Seattle last Saturday. For Network Syndicated Personality, Paul Harvey of ABC Radio Networks took the prize (he's headquartered on Michigan Ave.), while WGN-AM 720 also took first place for Major Market Station!

Mum's the word - the band TRAIN is expected to perform a LIVE, FREE concert tomorrow at 12n at the Daley Civic Center in conjunction with Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs' Peace Day Celebration. Several area radio/TV stations have been silent on the location as of yet - remember how many people showed up when John Mellencamp performed for free at lunchtime? Yikes!

CBS shakeups nationwide - since new VP/GM Joe Ahern's arrival, WBBM-TV CBS-2 has hired a brand-new News Director (in former WGN-TV Ch. 9 News Director Carol Fowler), made several offers to crosstown talent, dropped their former slogan "Works For You", and more. NOW on the national front - CBS is moving Early Show anchor Jane Clayson to the "Evening News", effective Sept. 30th. Clayson and CBS have lagged in the morning shows wars for her entire 2-1/2 year tenure, the majority of that time with her co-host Bryant Gumbel who left the show last May. Replacements for the station's top revenue biller are expected to be named within a week...

It's that time again - yep, double shots all day long on WLUP-FM 97.9 "The Loop".

Tomorrow - a working vacation...

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Monday, 09.16.02

Chicago legend a move that no one ever expected, Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene resigned late Saturday after details of "inappropriate sexual conduct" were revealed to the news conglomerate. Commenting on the enormity of the day, Editor Ann Marie Lipinski said yesterday, "It is a very painful day for the paper, for Bob and for the readers." Interesting twist...when asked his thoughts about the resignation, WCKG-FM 105.9 "Talk That Rocks" afternoon personality Steve Dahl (a longtime Greene critic) told the Sun-Times, "I always thought he'd get fired just for being a bad columnist."

Three under two - WTMX-FM 101.9 "The Mix" morning host Eric Ferguson and his wife Jennifer are having another baby. Announced on the show Friday morning, they're expecting their 3rd child on February 25th (which happens to be Jennifer's birthday as well!). Ferguson and his wife are already the proud parents of twins born June 26, 2001 (coincidentally the couple's anniversary!). How's that for 3 children under 2 years old in the same household...

Birthday bash...WLS-AM 890 "NewsTalk 89" mid-morning host Jay Marvin received a surprise bash in his honor on Friday morning. Co-host Eileen Byrne rounded up several old friends for his 50th birthday (no less on Friday, the 13th) - even crosstown WXRT-FM 93.1 "XRT" midday personality Terri Hemmert wished her "competition" the best!

GET REAL! - Oprah understudy DR. PHIL debuts his weekday talk/therapy show today at 3p on WMAQ-TV NBC-5. Winfrey will serve as an executive producer for the program - she feels the larger-than-life Texan has the best chance of anyone at succeeding in the talk-show circuit. Four words - does anyone remember IYANLA?

Two in a row - Chicago Bears quarterback Chris Chandler joins WLUP-FM 97.9 "The Loop" morning host Pete McMurray THIS MORNING after 7a to discuss the Bears 14-13 win over the Atlanta Falcons yesterday...

Later this week - lights, camera, back for more fun...

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Friday, 09.13.02

Cleaning house - in a move that some anticipated (among new President/GM Joe Ahern's dealings), WBBM-TV CBS-2 news director Craig Hume was let go this week. Hume joined WBBM-TV in September 2000 to reign over the "Carol Marin: Reporting the 10p News" experiment, which station execs. canceled only a month later (after only 9 months on the air). Hume's replacement, inbound on Monday, is veteran WGN-TV Ch. 9 news director Carol Fowler - she becomes CBS-2's 11th news director in 18 years!

Getting seasick, exclusively...WLS-AM 890 "NewsTalk 89" afternoon host Roe Conn broadcasts LIVE from the USS Nimitz this afternoon from 4-6p. From an undisclosed location off California, Conn will be aboard the aircraft carrier for 24 hours as part of a special VIP program that allows civilians on the ship while sailing at sea (Conn's partner Garry Meier will be here in Chicago running their 2-6p afternoon show solo until 4p). BONUS - your Friday fun-fact: how fast does a fighter jet accelerate when it takes off the aircraft carrier? 0-130mph in 1.5 seconds! Now THAT remote would make GREAT radio...

Three is better than two...southwest suburban WLLI-FM 96.7 "96.7 Will Rock" launches another TRIPLE SHOT WEEKEND today at 5p. All weekend long, they'll play 3-in-a-row from the same artists at the top of every hour! It's pure ROCK heaven...

Streamers, hats, and surprises - WLS-AM 890 "NewsTalk 89" mid-morning host Jay Marvin turns 50 today and his co-host Eileen Byrne has some surprises in store. Tune in 9-11a this morning...all the details on Monday!

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Thursday, 09.12.02


When/where were you born?
Chicago. As an entertainer I am ageless, timeless...

Are you single/married?
Married to a lovely and supportive gal named Robyn.

Do you have any pets?
My cat, Joe, who was acquired from my friend Sherry. She named him Josephine. Her female cat was named Napoleon. I believe this involuntary feline transgendering left both cats with a complex, so we have elected to walk Joe down the road to recovery by referring to him in the masculine. He's actually neutered so I suppose it really doesn't matter either way. But it would be nice if he would refrain from humping the couch. It's really gross.

Do you have any favorite hobbies?
Karaoke. Mountain biking. Creating media - writing and recording songs and shooting/editing videos. I'm currently developing a kid-targeted band and stage show that I hope to have on tour by next summer.

What was your first radio gig?
The Zone Summer DJ!

What CD's do you have in your car/home CD player right now?
Happy Supply, VHS or Beta, Lumpenwave, Deftones, Gwar.

What's something that most people might not know about you?
I occasionally use a Pampers Wipe to provide myself with that "extra clean" feeling.

Who's the one famous person you'd like to meet?
Steve Martin.

When/where can people hear/see you?
On my website,, and on the occasional Thursday at my favorite karaoke bar, Sidekicks on Montrose. [NOTE: Dave was previously heard weekday overnights 12m-4a on 94.7 The Zone during the month of August and the first week of September].

If you weren't in radio, what would you be doing?
Well, I guess I'm sort of tangentially in radio now. There have been a few opportunities that have popped up, but it's too early to say what will happen with them.

Would you rather lose your hearing OR your intelligence?
What? Huh? Definitely my sdpoig wfa-oijff.

Wednesday, 09.11.02

Today, one year later, we honor the many Americans who tragically lost their lives, the families who lost their loved ones, and all the men and women who served, protected and helped in all ways possible, in a time when they knew not what the future held. God bless us all.

Tuesday, 09.10.02

Clear Channel honors - all Chicago Clear Channel properties (WLIT-FM 93.9 "The Lite", WNUA-FM 95.5 "Smooth Jazz", WVAZ-FM 102.7 "V103", WKSC-FM 103.5 "Kiss 103.5", WGCI-FM 107.5 and WGCI-AM 1390) will share a special remembrance tribute tomorrow. At 7:44a CT, they will air a nationally-produced montage of soundclips from last year, followed by one minute of silence, then concluded by a two-minute message from President George W. Bush. Some stations may add "America the Beautiful", sung by Ray Charles, after Pres. Bush' closing remarks.

More fun in the sun...combining sister station resources, WVAZ-FM 102.7 "V103" afternoon hosts Bonnie DeShong, George Willborn and Tony Richards take their weekday 3-7p show to the BAHAMAS Oct. 23rd-25th as well (yesterday, we told you about WGCI-FM 107.5 and morning host 'Crazy Howard' McGee's trip). They'll broadcasting LIVE from Nassau with listeners in 312.856.1138 for more info!

Miles and miles away - our newsletter subscribers get the FIRST LOOK at the 6th Studio Visit later this week - have YOU signed up yet? WHY NOT? Just click SUBSCRIBE from the left index bar NOW!

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Monday, 09.09.02 - Special Update 1:15p

Switching anchor chairs [literally]...a few changes this morning. While WMAQ-TV NBC-5 morning anchor Nesita Kwan switches seats to the left side of your screen, she also welcomes veteran WLS-TV ABC-7 reporter/weekend anchor Dick Johnson to her side. He signs on for morning anchor duties (weekdays 5-7a) today - former morning anchor Art Norman shuffles to cover the "entertainment" beat as a reporter, while retaining his 11a anchor duties as well.

The first anniversary - WCKG-FM 105.9 "Talk That Rocks" has planned a special day of broadcasts for this Wednesday, Sept. 11th. Syndicated morning host Howard Stern will be fed LIVE from 6-8:45a, with a replay of his 09.11.01 show from 8:45-11a. While midday host Kevin Matthews takes a break this week, guest hosts WTTW-TV PBS-11 anchor Bob Sirott and his wife Marianne Murciano will anchor Kev's slot LIVE, adding an extra hour to the back-end (11a-3p). Ending the station's tribute day will be afternoon host Steve Dahl and crew LIVE from New York City (3-7p).

'Safe Chicago' - the Bonneville Chicago Radio Group (WDRV-FM 97.1 "The Drive", WLUP-FM 97.9 "The Loop", WNND-FM 100.3 "Windy 100.3" and WTMX-FM 101.9 "The Mix") and the Chicago Red Cross are teaming up this September 11th. Throughout the day on Wednesday, the four stations and the charity organization will be at several locations throughout Chicago and the suburbs (including the major transportation centers) handing out "Safe Chicago" packets containing information on keeping your family, your community, and yourself SAFE in these unsure times.

Fun in the Sun - WGCI-FM 107.5 morning man 'Crazy Howard' McGee takes his show on the road to the BAHAMAS in late October (and he's taking listeners too!). He and his crew will broadcast live October 23rd-25th from Nassau - call 312.856.1138 for more info...

Later this week - streamers, hats, and surprises...

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Friday, 09.06.02

Hooked on the Fish...former Metro/Shadow traffic vet Maura Myles joins WZFS-FM 106.7 "The Fish" on Monday morning. She'll anchor mornings 5:30-10a with Johnny Stone - Myles replaces Stacy Austin who left to pursue other opportunities in Christian Radio. You should also note that Myles is no stranger to getting up early - she previously hosted mornings at WLRW-FM 94.5 "Mix 94.5" in Champaign before moving to the Windy City several years ago.

More fishing lines - another episode of "whatever happened to..." Cliff Tredway? The former WZFS-FM PD/afternoon personality now runs weekday afternoons 5-8p CT for Air 1 Radio in Sacramento, CA. Air 1 is a satellite Christian music network - although there is no affiliate in Chicago, you can listen to them LIVE online...

It's gettin' HOOTIE in here - rocker Darius Rucker (frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish) joins WGN-TV Ch. 9's THE BIG SHOW this morning after 7a. He'll be chatting about his new solo album "Back to Then" and performing LIVE.

A new ROCK - far north suburban WIIL-FM 95.1 "95 Will Rock" recently unveiled a fresh revamp of their website. Click through for information on Tom and Joanie mornings, the Sunday night "Radio Chaos" showcasing new local ROCK, and more...

That's your weekend wrap-up - thanks for playing!

Thursday, 09.05.02


When/where were you born?
I was born in a hospital in 1971 (Queens, New York, to be more specific).

Are you single/married?
I'm single...never been married.

Do you have any pets?
I recently lost my childhood cat - she died right after Christmas in 2000. I would love another cat but I have terrible allergies that I developed while I was away at school. I've been allergic since about 1992.

Do you have any favorite hobbies?
I love playing music (piano) and writing. I also enjoy reading, which is good for this job. Lots of newspapers to read daily.

What was your first radio gig?
I was a deejay in college (Fordham University). I was so nervous my voice went up one octave every time the microphone was on. Thankfully, I had a great program director who worked with me and a tape recorder to get back to my natural voice. A lot of PDs won't take the time to do that these days. They hear you on the air - you're not up to speed and instead of finding solutions and getting good training - they move on to someone else. I'm very grateful to that PD.

What CD's do you have in your car/home CD player right now?
The same one I always have in there - Rubber Soul by the Beatles.

What's something that most people might not know about you?
That I love to write music. I'm actually working on a musical.

Who's the one famous person you'd like to meet?
Dr. Phil (I'm joking!!!). If I could pick any people, alive or dead, I would pick my mother's parents. They died before she even got married. My Mom is a big influence on my life - her discipline, her balanced judgement on every issue - and I'd like to meet the people who influenced her. If I had to pick someone famous, it'd probably be OJ. Knock some sense into him.

When/where can people hear/see you?
AM 890 WLS from 9am-11am.

If you weren't in radio, what would you be doing?
Probably trying to make it as a writer.

Would you rather have six toes on both feet OR no eyebrows?
Definitely the six toes! I had a bad waxing job recently where my eyebrows were non-existent! I had to pencil them in like an old lady. It looked horrible!

Anything else?
If anyone wants any advice about radio or just to talk, I'm all ears. It's important to encourage new talent in this business - and I've benefited from some people taking the time out for me. Call me at 312.357.1106 - thanks for the opportunity.

Wednesday, 09.04.02

Drag queens and NO music...San Antonio's KTFM-FM 102.7 morning man DREX is on his way to WKSC-FM 103.5 "Kiss 103.5" for morning drive. Having repeatedly drawn #1 ratings in virtually every woman demographic there (Market #30), the Texas vet has also done mornings in Detroit along with other slots in Dallas, Philadelphia, and Baltimore - expect to see him on Michigan Avenue before the end of the year. More to come...

A new lease on life...just over a month ago, WZZN-FM 94.7 "The Zone" crowned contest winner "Velvet Dave" Skwarczek their new overnight host, running weekdays 12m-4a through September 5th. Just last week, ABC brass decided to extend his run through September 12th. Is there more? Stay tuned...

Multiplying like rabbits...Pacific Broadcasting Group's WXRC-FM 95.7 "The Ride" signed on yesterday in Charlotte, NC. The station's entire imaging and "Timeless Rock" format are modeled after Chicago's WDRV-FM 97.1 "The Drive". Since WDRV-FM signed on March 15th of last year, Bonneville has added a similar station in San Francisco, Clear Channel added one in Detroit, and Central Wisconsin Radio Group added one in Wausau. Who (and where) will be #6?

Scanning the interesting national note from our friends at It seems that former 80's child star Corey Feldman is getting all his fellow former child stars together for a charity "We Are the World" type singalong in a few weeks. Feldman told the NY Post that the gig will feature such 'down-and-outters' as Alyssa Milano, Leif Garrett, Emmanuel Lewis, Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond, and Danny Bonaduce. Discussed in this column before, Bonaduce anchors mornings at L.A.'s KYSR-FM 98.7 "Star 98.7" - one of L.A.'s top billers in $$ and ratings. His yearly salary? $1 million plus! Now THAT'S what I call "down-and-out"!

Coming up Friday - another episode of "whatever happened to..."

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Tuesday, 09.03.02

Pastels are fun too...WGN-AM 720 mid-afternoon host Steve Cochran talks to Trading Spaces host Paige Davis today just after 1p. All-new episodes of TLC's #1 show have started to air, with the addition of new designers Kia and Edward as well...

From Chicago to the nation...former WBBM-TV CBS-2 anchor (and current MSNBC anchor) Lester Holt sits at the news desk today on NBC's TODAY show (7-10a), filling in for Ann Curry.

A new beginning...Chicago's recently announced their first affiliate. The four-hour syndicated dance program now airs Sundays 8p-12m on WMPH-FM 91.7 "Super 91-7" in Wilmington, DE. is run by Pres. Jammin' Down JD and VP Rob Austin (both from Chicagoland area radio stations) - look for more affiliates just around the corner...

Planes, trains, and ISDN lines - the long 3-day weekend allowed to do its 6th (and LONG OVERDUE) Studio Visit. Even better - who knew it would be over 2,000 miles away? More on this (and how it relates to Chicago) soon...

Tomorrow - a new lease on life...